Connections #myCMAStudio Challenge

MyCMAStudio Weird Bodies

Another month of creative challenges are coming to keep you engaged and inspired at home. 

The CMA Studio shares with you a monthly theme for you to use as a motivator for those needing a little creative push. For the month of May we help you explore all things anatomical, both real and imagined through the BIG IDEA of Weird Bodies/Weird Science.

This week we are encouraging you to rethink shapes and forms, and see how these objects can connect together. 

We made use of  items we had at our disposal: magazines, glue sticks and sheets of paper to splice together new figures. What strange new creatures and odd adaptations can you craft? How are these creations connected to one another? How are these creations different? 

We encourage you to use materials and mediums that speak to you, be it sketching, collage, painting or photography. Get scrapy with items you can find in your home recycling bin or junk drawers. Share your creations on social media by tagging #myCMAstudio.  

Stay creative and look for more creative challenges while we bring you #myCMAatHome.

Image credit to Jen Lehe CMA’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships


-Megan Green brings more than a decade of creative entrepreneurship into her role at CMA as the Manager of Studio of Initiatives. She’s shared her passion for supporting artists through her direction at Craftin’ Outlaws and Midwest Craft Con.

Open Studio is a drop- in program hosted on Saturdays and part of CMA’s JPMorgan Chase Center for Creativity Studio to explore ideas, solve creative challenges, and collaborate with friends and family. We look forward to inviting you back to Open Studio and other CMA experiences when we reopen to the public