Young Duarte’s Folklore #MyCMAStudio Challenge

Duarte uses a younger version of himself to tell the story of how he navigates through the creative community. Young Duarte goes in and out of portals through dreams that can be followed with folklore. Come along with young Duarte as he goes to CMA.
If an artwork could talk, what story do you think it would tell?

Gather your pencils and paper plus any boxes, toy soldiers, game pieces, or toys to create your world. We will explore folklore, and use these props to tell your own story. The wonder of creating folklore, is that you can start with your own experience. Your imagination is the key to making an adventure come to life.

What kind of character are you? What costume would you wear? What time period would you experience? What age would you be? What powers would you possess? How would you like your story to unfold?

After you collect these items, you can set up your space. Move things around until you’re happy with how they look. Create your character and have fun in your space.

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#myCMAstudio is a digital version of our drop- in program, Open Studio. Which is currently unavailable to the public due to Covid-19, and part of CMA’s JPMorgan Chase Center for Creativity Studio to explore ideas, solve creative challenges, and collaborate with friends and family.

Artwork and prompt created by Richard Duarte Brown in partnership with Art in House by the Ohio Alliance of Art Education.

— Richard Duarte Brown, known as Duarte, is a master artist with the TRANSIT ARTS Youth Arts Program and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education’s Art in the House Program. For more than 30 years, Duarte has dedicated his talents to helping young people in Columbus, Ohio through countless programs including CAPACITY (CAPA’s Youth Arts Program), the Short Stop Youth Center, the King Arts Complex, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (and formerly GCAC’s) Artists-in-Schools program, GCAC’s Children of the Future, Ebony Boys, Art Safe and VSA Ohio. More than my Brother’s Keeper, Duarte has also worked as a high school art instructor at the Arts and College Preparatory Academy in Columbus. Currently, he serves as a resident artist for Whitehall City Schools and Berne Union Schools in the Village of Sugar Grove, Ohio. His murals can be seen throughout the city, bringing comfort and inspiration to countless viewers.