We’re Turning our Galleries into your Work-From-Home Office 

The promise and excitement of spring have perhaps never been so greatly anticipated — and so desperately needed. In the final leg of an agonizing race, we could all use a spark to get us to the end.  


A fun new offering by the Columbus Museum of Art is the opportunity to treat yourself, a loved one, or a valued member of your team to a change of scenery. You can set up shop in one of our galleries on Monday, March 22 and enjoy a workday surrounded by art that fuels inspiration and creativity. Stretch your legs — passing priceless works of art instead of piles of laundry — on your way to the Schokko Café for a lunch you don’t have to microwave.  


The Gallery Home Office is a perfect opportunity to apply some inspiration or creativity to your daily workload. Sometimes a change of venue or perspective does you a lot of good creatively and emotionally.” shared Lee Lochtefeld in making CMA his workspace for the day.  


We’ve been put to the test, and now it’s time for a treat. Join us on Monday, March 22 and make one of our galleries your office for the day.  


Slots are filling up quickly! Reserve yours today. 

Tickets and Details