April 21-26, 2020 at Pizzuti Collection of CMA

The Poppea Project, April 21-26, 2020

Opera Columbus, BalletMet2 and Pizzuti Collection of Columbus Museum of Art (Pizzuti Collection of CMA), in partnership with Fashion Week Columbus, present this Baroque opera set among three galleries of the Pizzuti Collection of CMA. Performers wearing custom couture glide between all three floors of the galleries (especially curated for this show), while interacting with guests. Masks, handed out upon entrance, add an element of mystery, allowing guests to be part of the production.

Set among three galleries of the Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art, performers wearing custom couture glide between the galleries especially curated for this show. Guests become voyeurs, safely hidden behind masks as they witness dramatic scenes of sex, betrayal, death and power.

Director – Peggy Kriha Dye; Pizzuti Family Curator of Contemporary Art – Tyler Cann; Conductor – Kelly Kuo; Choreographer – Edwaard Liang; Wardrobe Design – Gerardo Encinas; Mireille Lebel – Nero; Mireille Asselin – Poppea; Tesia Kwarteng – Ottavia; Alex Rosen – Seneca; Kevin Skelton – Arnalta/Lucano

For details visit: https://www.operacolumbus.org/poppea/