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General Contact Information

480 E Broad St
Columbus, OH 43215


We’re in the Discovery District, just four blocks east of the State Capitol. Parking available in back. Public transportation via COTA; the #10 line stops in front of the Museum.

614.221.4848 (24-hr info)


Nannette V. Maciejunes Executive Director 614.629.0302
Rod L. Bouc
Deputy Executive Director of Operations & Chief Registrar 614.629.0331
Imogene Johnson
Director of People and Culture 614.629.0366

Collections & Exhibitions

Nicole Rome
Associate Registrar of Exhibitions 614.629.0334
Jennifer Seeds
Registrar for Exhibitions 614.629.0336
Elizabeth Hopkin
Associate Registrar 614.629.0343


David Stark
Chief Curator 614.629.0374
Tyler Cann
Pizzuti Family Curator of Contemporary Art & Head of Exhibitions  614.629.0329
Anna Lee
William and Sarah Ross Soter Associate Curator of Photography 614.629.0337
Carole Genshaft
Curator-at-Large 614.629.0353


Lucy Ackley
Director of Development 614.629.0351
Maureen Carroll
Grants & Corporate Relations Manager 614.629.0347
Bethany Simms
Member Relations Manager 614.629.0344
Gabriel Mastin
Leadership Giving Officer 614.629.0307
Betsy Meacham
Special Projects & Campaign Officer 614.629.0328


Special Events
General Special Events Questions 614.629.0326

Facilities/Buildings & Grounds/Security

David A. Leach
Director of Facilities & Security 614.629.0321


Kimberly S. Aufdencamp
Executive Deputy Director for Finance and Administration 614.629.0365

Information Technology

Matt Pigman
Senior Systems Manager 614.629.0305

Learning and Experience

Cindy M. Foley
Executive Assistant Director, Director of Learning and Experience 614.629.0360
Amanda Kepner
Senior Manager of Institutional Processes 614.629.5947
Jen Lehe
Manager of Strategic Partnerships 614.629.0379
Lauren Emond
Manager of Community Engagement 614.629.0364
General Program Related Questions 614.629.5947

Marketing & Communications

Melissa E. Ferguson
Director of Marketing & Communications 614.629.0306
Melissa E. Ferguson
Media Contact 614.629.0306
Jennifer Poleon
Digital Communications Manager 614.629.0308

Retail Operations

Pamela L. Edwards
Director of Retail Operations 614.629.0312
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