Our Expansion

Fun Facts About the Columbus Museum of Art Expansion

  • The New Wing adds 50,000 square feet to the Columbus Museum of Art.
  • Throughout the construction process, CMA recycled 95.9% of materials from the expansion project, diverting them from the land fill.
  • There are 1,539 copper panels on the exterior of the new wing.
  • Approximately 375 works will be on display throughout the Museum when it opens to the public on October 25. This does not include the works in Keeping Pace and Feeley.
  • Thirty-three new additions to the Museum’s collection will make their CMA debut this fall.
  • The oldest works on display will be a collection of ancient glass on loan from the Israeli Antiquities Authority.
  • The newest works on display will be Jeppe Hein’s Mirror Balloons V.
  • Mel Chin’s Spirit will be the largest work on display. Spirit is so large that a room had to be built to display it.
  • Fourteen works of art will be installed outside on the Museum grounds.
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