Wednesdays @ 2 Behind the Scenes Talks

Looking for a midweek pick-me-up? Come to Columbus Museum of Art on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM and gain a behind-the-scenes perspective on current exhibitions, CMA’s collection, and more as you hear personal and professional stories from guest speakers. Questions? Call 614.629.0359.

Wednesday @2: Curator’s View RODIN: MUSES, SIRENS, LOVERS
Wed., July 17, 2:00 pm

Chief Curator David Stark discusses RODIN: MUSES, SIRENS, LOVERS. The work of Auguste Rodin, France’s great turn-of-the-century sculptor, is often compared to Impressionism with its rough surfaces and sense of spontaneity and movement but Rodin’s themes differed from the Impressionists.’ The women who modeled for Rodin, sometimes depicted in more traditional portraits, were often cast as goddesses, Biblical, or literary figures. Stark’s talk explores the controversies sparked by Rodin’s art, and ways in which it both honored and challenged tradition. Cost of this program is $20 for nonmembers (includes general admission) and $5 for members.


Wednesday @2: Curator’s View Alice Schille 
Wed., July 31, 2:00 pm
Chief Curator David Stark overviews In a New Light: Alice Schille and the American Watercolor Movement and surveys the artist’s career, her Ohio origins, and travels across the America, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. He discusses paintings in the exhibition, some of which have not been exhibited publicly since the early 20th century, and range from scenes of domestic life in rural France and the Netherlands to views of turn-of-the-century London and Paris that evoke Whistler’s lyrical style. Discover the brilliant color and modernist vision of Alice Schille, whose inspired art deserves a new look. Cost of this program is $20 for nonmembers and $5 for members.