Wednesdays @ 2 Behind the Scenes Talks

Looking for a midweek pick-me-up? Come to Columbus Museum of Art on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM and gain a behind-the-scenes perspective on current exhibitions, CMA’s collection, and more as you hear personal and professional stories from guest speakers. Questions? Call 614.629.0359.


Wednesdays @2 Curator’s View:
Titian’s Lady in White
September 12, 2:00 PM

Join Chief Curator David Stark for a look at the mysteries surrounding the Renaissance masterpiece by Titian on loan from the Gemäldegalerie in Dresden. Though the centuries, unanswered questions have surrounded this portrait of a beautiful, well-dressed woman: who is she (the artist’s daughter? a secret lover? an idealized woman who never existed?)? What happened to an almost identical painting of the woman once in the royal collection in Madrid and now lost? What’s the meaning of the flag that the woman carries? This presentation will also include a look at recent conservation work on the painting, the journey of the painting from Italy to Germany in the 18th century, and the role of the painting in the development of Grand Manner portraits, an 18th-century tradition whose origins go back to the Renaissance in Venice. Cost of this program is $20 for nonmembers (includes general admission) and $5 for members.


Wednesdays@2 Mozart to Matisse: The Macchiaioli
October 24, 2:00 PM
CMA, in partnership with Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO), presents this afternoon series pairing lectures exploring works of art with chamber music performances. This program of 19th-century Italian music is preceded by a talk on the Italian Impressionists, known as the Macchiaioli or “spot painters.” Cost of this program is $20 for nonmembers (includes general admission) and $5 for members. Sponsored by CMA Docent Alums.