Supporting CMA

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Columbus Museum of Art, where 1,400 volunteers help the Museum to fulfill our mission of creating Great Experiences with Great Art for Everyone. Our volunteer program is varied and flexible. You have the option of being part of one of our many auxiliary groups or volunteering on your own.

Auxiliary Volunteer Opportunities

Museum Auxiliaries support the Museum through their fundraising, service, and outreach activities. They also provide social and educational opportunities for their members, Museum visitors, and the children of central Ohio.

Museum Auxiliaries have specific application procedures, membership requirements and financial obligations. Each has its own mission, and all are self governing. All Auxiliary members must maintain a Museum membership.

If you are interest in joining an auxiliary, the Museum’s Volunteer Administrator will ask the group’s membership chair to contact you to provide additional information and an invitation to a meeting or event to familiarize you with the group and determine if this is the right fit for you.

To receive additional information contact Nancy Turner.

Art netWork

Art Network, a support and interest group of the Columbus Museum of Art,  is a group of Young professionals dedicated to supporting the Columbus Museum of Art.  ANW cultivates and strengthens lasting personal relationships through numerous group activities such as fundraising, hosting social/networking events, and volunteer efforts.  Guided by the Member Relations Manager, Art Network offers a varied and specialized program of educational opportunities, as well as travel and social events.  For more information or to join please contact Lauren Emond at 614.629.0344.

Beaux Arts

This primarily women’s group sponsors the Art in Bloom exhibition that features arrangements by more than 60 floral designers who interpret the Museum’s masterpieces in live flowers. Three days of a gala, luncheons, and programs surround the event. Members operate a special gift shop that features unique garden and specialty items. Members also volunteer at the Columbus Winterfair fine arts and craft show during the holiday season. Members can attend monthly meetings that often have art-related programs, as well as social and cultural activities planned by the group.

The Contemporaries

The Columbus Museum of Art Contemporaries group affords members exclusive access to the world of contemporary art. Learn more.


Year round Docents provide Museum tours to visitors and school children. They are the primary educational outreach to students, visitors, and the Columbus community. Docent volunteers undergo an extensive, 9-month training period that focuses on critical thinking skills, museum education principles and practice and the Museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. Docents agree to serve for at least two years as gallery educators following their training. They also enjoy social events as well as local, national, and international art trips. CMA does not host docent trainings every year. If you would like to be notified when a new docent class is being formed please email Stephanie Samera, Docent Programs Coordinator, at

Apply for the 2014-2015 CMA Docent Training Program. Applications accepted through June 30, 2012. 2014 CMA Docent Application.

Learn more here.

Docent Alums

This group is open to Docents that have fulfilled a four year commitment and want to retire from active duty as a gallery educator. They have social and art-related events for their members and through their dues, support the active docents by sponsoring lecturers for trainings. They also are invited to attend Docent trainings.

Friends of Jewish Art

Friends of Jewish Art (FJA) is an interest group of the Columbus Museum of Art that supports exhibitions, programs, and acquisitions in the area of Jewish art. In its broadest definition, this includes art that deals with Jewish subjects and art that was created to beautify Jewish life in the home and in the synagogue. The focus of the group’s activities is to provide access to in-depth experiences of this art in all its aesthetic, historic, and social aspects. FJA seeks to create dialogue within the Jewish community and between the Jewish community and the greater community. Members will have access to special exhibition previews, conversations with artists and scholars, and private tours both inside and outside the museum. For more information, call Carole Genshaft, CMA Adjunct Curator, 614-629-0353.

Everyone in the community is invited to become a member of the Friends of Jewish Art by being a Museum member at the reciprocal level ($120) plus a Friends of Jewish Art fee of $50.00 per person. To become a Friends of Jewish Art, please contact Lauren Emond, Member Relations Manager, 614.629.0344.

Frontline Volunteers

Visitor Experience and Development Event volunteers are an essential element of the museum’s frontline. They assist in creating a friendly and comfortable environment for visitors as they experience the museum. They warmly welcome guests, distribute information, handle registration for internal events, complete surveys for interdepartmental teams and answer questions about the day’s events. As a volunteer at CMA, all curator talks, docent trainings, lunch and learns and other staff training sessions will be open for you to attend. Click here to fill out the Volunteer Application.

Sessions Society

Sessions Society provides members with the opportunity to explore art in all its forms, meet interesting and diverse people, and visit fascinating art-related venues both locally and regionally that would not otherwise be available to them. Sessions Society presents several social and art related events annually. These events include tours of museums, artists’ studios, galleries, and personal collections. To learn more about Sessions, click here.

Women’s Board

In the spring, Women’s Board presents Decorator’s Show House, the biannual transformation of a home into a Decorator’s Show House by interior designers and talented landscape architects. Members enjoy special holiday parties, coffees, teas, and art-related events.

ArtNetWork at CMA