Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Columbus Museum of Art, where 1,400 volunteers help the Museum to fulfill our mission. Our volunteer program is varied and flexible.

Auxiliary Volunteer Opportunities

Museum Auxiliaries support the Museum through their fundraising, service, and outreach activities. They also provide social and educational opportunities for their members, Museum visitors, and the children of central Ohio.

Museum Auxiliaries have specific application procedures, membership requirements and financial obligations. Each has it s own mission, and all are self governing. All Auxiliary members must maintain a Museum membership.

If you are interest in joining an auxiliary, the Museum’s Volunteer Administrator will ask the group’s membership chair to contact you to provide additional information and an invitation to a meeting or event to familiarize you with the group and determine if this is the right fit for you. To receive additional information contact Tiffany Duncan.

Beaux Arts

An auxiliary of the Columbus Museum of Art since 1946, Beaux Arts is a volunteer organization whose members are interested in the arts and committed to the idea that the museum is a dynamic force for community culture and education. Beaux Arts sponsors the fundraising event Art in Bloom at the Museum biennially in support of creative programming for all ages. Art in Bloom brings the Museum galleries to life through imaginative floral designs paired with works from the CMA collection. Members also volunteer at art-related events throughout the year, hold monthly meetings that often include art-related programs, and have the opportunity to participate in social and cultural activities planned by the group. Annual dues are $25 for active members, and members must maintain a current membership at the Columbus Museum of Art. For more information on joining Beaux Arts, contact us here.


Women’s Board

In the spring, Women’s Board presents Decorator’s Show House, the biannual transformation of a home into a Decorator’s Show House by interior designers and talented landscape architects. Members enjoy special holiday parties, coffees, teas, and art-related events.


Year-round docents provide Museum tours to visitors of all ages. They are the primary educational outreach to students, visitors, and the Columbus community. Docent volunteers undergo an extensive five-month training period that focuses on critical thinking skills, museum education principles and practice and the Museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. Docents agree to serve for at least two years as gallery educators following their training. They also enjoy social events as well as local, national, and international art trips.

If you would like information about the upcoming docent class, please email Stephanie Samera.  The next docent recruitment phase will begin in Fall 2020.

Docent Alums

This group is open to Docents that have fulfilled a four year commitment and want to retire from active duty as a gallery educator. They have social and art-related events for their members and through their dues, support the active docents by sponsoring lecturers for trainings. They also are invited to attend Docent trainings.

Hospitality Volunteers

Visitor Experience and Development Event volunteers are an essential element of the museum’s frontline. They assist in creating a friendly and comfortable environment for visitors as they experience the museum. They warmly welcome guests, distribute information, handle registration for internal events, complete surveys for interdepartmental teams and answer questions about the day’s events. As a volunteer at CMA, all curator talks, docent trainings, lunch-and-learns and other staff training sessions will be open for you to attend. If you would like to become a hospitality volunteer, please read and complete this brief application. Please contact Lisa Collins at Lisa.collins@cmaohio.org for details. 

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