MyCMAStudio Ships Creativity Challenge

Join us virtually on Saturdays for our monthly My CMA Studio challlenge.

We are currently exploring the Deep Sea.

In this week’s challenge craft a ship to navigate your way through these uncharted waters that we find ourselves in.

Start by going through your recyclables: tubes, corks, foil, Popsicle sticks, tape or glue and paper as your materials. Make space for your friends and family in your vessel, hoist your sails and know that while the waves will be choppy, your ship is strong and your creativity is vast.

Share your creations with us by tagging #myCMAStudio on Instagram and Twitter and continue to find ways to stay connected to your community. Finished projects will be shared in an upcoming online gallery.

Stay well and stay creative.

-Megan Green brings more than a decade of creative entrepreneurship into her role at CMA as the Manager of Studio of Initiatives. She’s shared her passion for supporting artists through her direction at Craftin’ Outlaws and Midwest Craft Con.