Member Spotlight with Lauren Leahy

Photo credit: Megan Leigh Barnard

Photo credit: Megan Leigh Barnard

During this time of social distancing, we want to remind our members that we are all in this together. Throughout the museum closure we will be bringing you interviews with fellow members to share inspiration, thoughts on creative outlets, and to help stay connected.

Member Spotlight with Lauren Leahy
CMA Member since June 2018

You’ve been a member of CMA for a few years now. What first inspired you to become involved with the Museum?
A love for the arts has always been central in my life. When my family and I moved back to Columbus in 2017, the museum was a familiar place of comfort. I grew up coming to the museum as a child, taking classes, seeing exhibitions, and it’s where my initial love for art-history began. The museum has evolved so much, I was excited to have my own family be a part of its next chapter and for the museum to have an impact on their lives.

This year you served as an event chair for the family fundraising party CMA Comes Alive. What makes this event special to your family?
This has been such a fun event to be a part of, and to see the positive response from families in just the three years since its inception has been amazing! What I love about CMA Comes Alive is it is an easy introduction to the museum for children and adults. I meet people all the time that are either new to Columbus or have lived here their entire lives and have never visited. At this event, there is something for everyone and the funds help provide access to all in the greater Columbus community by supporting the museum’s “Free Sundays” campaign.

Favorite CMA Comes Alive moment.
It’s a tie between the always energetic performance by Transit Arts that my kids enjoy trying to recreate at home and seeing the many projects that come out of the studio – great creativity and so much hot glue!

During the stay at home order, a lot of us are finding creative outlets through new ways — like trying out new hobbies, exercising, or listening to music. What is keeping you inspired right now?
One of my biggest creative outlets is cooking. We’ve been tackling many culinary projects trying new recipes and wrapping them into broader discussions about cultures, where our food comes from/gardening and everything in between. I am lucky my family indulges me in this creative pursuit and share an interest in cooking!

How are you keeping your kids creative while social-distancing?
Like many, we are trying to spend time outside! So far, some of our favorite things have been doing nature scavenger hunts, kids-charades, and many rainy-day craft projects. The overly ambitious parent in me is attempting to pick up where my daughter’s art teacher left off and create some artist-specific projects – we’re planning a Jackson Pollock day with big canvases and drip paint – outside of course 😉 All in all, we’re trying to make the most of this unique time together.

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-Betsy Meacham is CMA’s Special Projects & Campaign Officer.