Menus #MyCMAStudio Challenge


I love food. I love eating out in restaurants. I decided it would be interesting to create a menu for this creative challenge. 

How about a menu for a restaurant that doesn’t exist? Even better, what if they didn’t serve food but something else. What if the restaurant served air? 

I created an “Air Cafe” menu with a few selections of bottled air. 

Isn’t it a great feeling when you take off your mask and take a deep breath of the air outside? I have become a connoisseur of air. Fresh air, night air, salt air, pine air …. it feels so good to fill your lungs with it. I wonder what it would be like if we couldn’t breath the air outside and had to wear oxygen tanks and masks all the time. I imagine that fresh air would be very sought after and humans would figure out a way to tap deep into underground chambers to harvest ancient “clean” air. Only the wealthy and elite could enjoy this natural air because it would be rare and very expensive. 

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Emily Reiser is an interdisciplinary artist, K-5 Art educator for Bexley City Schools, mom of two girls, dog person (but secretly a cat person).


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