Patterns of Monet #MyCMAStudio Challenge

Use magazines, old calendars, construction paper, and similar items to replicate the brush work of Impressionism. 

Contemporary collage Artist replicates Columbus Museum of Art’s, The Mediterranean, by Claude Monet.

After choosing a favorite photo, or painting as a reference, begin by selecting a piece of construction paper that could be used as a background color. If construction paper is not available you may use printer paper (printer paper can be painted to the background color if you wish). Examine the photo or painting for patterns you would like to replicate. Then find patterns and/or colors from old magazines, calendars, and other collage materials. Feel free to add interesting patterns to your design! For example, I use a blue checkered pattern for the sky background.

After breaking down the initial design, keep collaging to replicate the brush work of Monet, and other Impressionist Artists. Cool colors like blue will recede from the surface, whereas warm colors will come forward. The more colors you add to your patterns, the more interesting they will become!

Items used to make this challenge:
8 ½ by 11 construction paper
Exacto knife, or cut safe scissors
Old magazines
Old calendar
Favorite landscape photo, or painting for visual reference.

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Julian Cennamo, has almost ten years of service as a Gallery Associate with the Columbus Museum of Art. As a contemporary collage and landscape Artist, he has exhibited with the Georgian Museum, Roy G. Biv., and many others. He currently offers classes at the Wagnalls Memorial Library, and volunteers as a Trustee of Ohio Art League. He graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design, and remembers childhood visits to CMA with his family.

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