#MyCMAstudio Challenge: Spider Webs

Using your own local history, create a web that serves as a model to connect and represent your family.

Cut paper figures out to symbolize your family.

Explore details and characteristics of how you can represent your family members on the figures.

Try cutting out spider webs, like the snowflakes you’d create in grade school. Fold a square shape paper from different angles and start cutting away. Add familial details into the web through the connected lines.


Prompt created in collaboration with Art in House, Malik Carrington: “I’m a mixed media artist that’s very hands on and not afraid to conquer new challenges. I’ve been with OAAE for many years at Central Community House working beside Duarte. In my art, I try to make pieces that show the feeling of togetherness and family. I believe I get these ideas from my own parents that were born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I also believe my siblings, that I grew up with here in Columbus, Ohio, also play a part in my inspiration. I like hearing the feedback and perceptions of what my art pieces means to the audience. I also believe having good people around definitely brings more life to the art.”

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