Wonder Summer

Play, Vibe, and Drink at CMA

June 21, 2017 - August 6, 2017

Wonder Summer is an eclectic collection of creative experiences at CMA. Inspired by the curious, strange, and marvelously mad happenings at our annual Wonderball, Wonder Summer gives you a taste of how to let your imagination roam wild. Drawing on our tremendous well of talented local artists and on some of CMA’s favorite programs, the Museum and Creatives in Residence will design a multitude of opportunities to play, vibe, and drink at CMA.

If you are in a playful mood, let our Creative-in-Residence help you exercise your creative muscles. Creative-in-Residence Celeste Malvar Stewart will show us how to make a more conscious connection between ourselves and the clothing we choose to wear, whether it is through design, uniqueness, production labor, or local resources. Creative in Residence Travis Hoewischer will host Everyone’s a Comedian at CMA — think of it as a trivia night word game with punchlines and beers.

If you are searching for a groove, CMA is partnering with local musicians, bands, and DJs to fill the evening with the sound of music. Vibe with DJ Brett, of Spoonful Records; Ryan Craycroft on guitar; Matt Monta and the Haymakers and more. If you’re feeling thirsty, CMA is hosting a brewery and local mixologists who will create signature cocktails with artisan spirits and craft beers. Quench the heat with a Sputnik Splash, Classy Broad, or Platform Shandy.