CMA has resumed in-person tours with reduced capacity and enhanced safety protocols. For more information or to request a tour, click here.

Continue to enjoy virtual experiences with creativity and art wherever you are by following #MyCMAStudio on social media, checking out Studio at Home experiences, and exploring our Resources page.

Virtual Speaker’s Bureau

Virtually bring wonderful highlights from the Museum’s collection to your online group. Hosted by CMA’s volunteer Docents, these presentations will bring the interesting stories and history of some of CMA’s iconic works of art right to your screen. Presentations are approximately an hour and are free; though donations to the Museum are graciously accepted.  

If you are interested in requesting a presentation please complete this request form

Guide By Cell Tours

Use your cell phone to learn more about works of art, artists, and more. With this interactive, user-friendly tool, visitors enhance their museum experiences by using their cell phone to learn more about the works they are seeing and the artists who created them. With Guide by Cell, museum visitors dial a phone number and then select the code that appears next to the artwork to learn more about the piece.

For more information about tours, please call 614.629.0342.

Leading Critical & Creative Thinking: A Guide for Teachers and Chaperones

There are many kinds of museum experiences. Visiting a museum can be relaxing, analytical, awe-inspiring, and playful. A visit to a museum can also, sadly, be boring or superficial. This resource (click to open in a new window) is designed to help you support your group of learners (and yourself!) to slow down, look and think with art, and get creative. Some activities have variations for younger students or for situations in which focusing is a challenge.

Virtual School Tours and Workshops

CMA offers live, virtual experiences for groups to think critically and creatively by looking at and making art. Museum educators meet with groups of up to 20 students, on CMA’s Zoom platform or the classroom’s platform. All sessions are 40 minutes long unless otherwise arranged with teacher.

Thinking with Art (3rd grade and older, up to 20 students)

Purpose: Foster critical and creative thinking, particularly observation, imagination, and reasoning with evidence.

Click this link to request a program

This experience is a virtual adaptation of our in-gallery field trip tour. In this research-based, interactive session, a museum educator shares screen and leads students through the Observe, Describe, Interpret, Point to Evidence (ODIP) process for looking at art (click here to get your free ODIP Guide). Students will discuss 3-5 artworks.

Teacher may request one of the following focus areas.

  • Collection Highlights
  • Art & Social Issues
  • Spotlight on Aminah

Optional extensions (no additional cost or time)

  • Art & Poetry Students will write poetry in response to some of the artworks discussed
  • Wellness-focus/Mindfulness Students will begin and end with a mindful breathing exercise and/or guided visualization with an art work

The cost is $100 for a 40 minute experience, for up to 20 students. Experiences are generally available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM and must be booked with 6 weeks advance notice.

Studio Experience (1st – 8th grade, up to 20 students)

Purpose: Foster creativity, tolerance for ambiguity, and other habits of “thinking like an artist.”

Click this link to request a program

In this adaptation of our on-site Studio Thinking Workshop, students apply their imaginations and basic art supplies to a creative prompt connected to a big idea. A CMA educator will introduce the prompt and lead reflection on the creative process while students work independently to interpret the prompt in their own, unique way. Teacher may choose from a list of studio prompts, or let CMA choose. Organizers are sent a toolkit one week in advance of the date with suggested supplies and materials they can use at home.

The cost is $100 for a 40 minute session, for up to 20 students. Experiences are generally available Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM and must be booked with 6 weeks advance notice.

Wonder Zoom

Book anytime!
Does Zoom have you down these days? Are you desperate to add a little zing to your staff meeting, book club, or family meetup? WE CAN HELP! Order yourself up a CMA Wonder Zoom. A member of the CMA Staff team will lead 15 to 30 minutes of your next virtual meeting. Reservations are $50 for a 15-minute call and $100 for a 30-minute call; a $50 fee will be added to calls scheduled on evening and weekends

You can choose a Wonder Zoom that is right for your group:

1. Creative Challenge: Want a creative challenge that activates experimental thinking and play? (30 minutes recommended)

2. Art Conversations: Ready to fall down a curiosity hole and hear a CMA curator geek out about one of their favorite works of art, exhibition, or creativity theme? (30 minutes recommended)

3. Art of Wellbeing: Needing some group SELF CARE? Start with some grounded breathing exercises followed by a close looking experience with a work from the CMA collection. (30 minutes only – you deserve a break today!)

Request Time for Wonder Zoom

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