All tours are currently on hiatus due to public health concerns. CMA is dedicated to connecting schools, families, and visitors to creativity, art, and each other. We are working to re-evaluate our tour options to ensure the health and safety of our visitors. In the meantime, take a guide by cell tour, connect with CMA by following #MyCMAStudio on social media, check out Studio at Home experiences, and explore our Resources page.

Guide By Cell Tours

Use your cell phone to learn more about works of art, artists, and more. With this interactive, user-friendly tool, visitors enhance their museum experiences by using their cell phone to learn more about the works they are seeing and the artists who created them. With Guide by Cell, museum visitors dial a phone number and then select the code that appears next to the artwork to learn more about the piece.

For more information about tours, please call 614.629.0342.


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